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Aug 10 2007, 01:04 AM
Aug 10 2007, 12:53 AM
Aug 10 2007, 12:29 AM
Aug 9 2007, 11:16 PM
Damn, IMissAremid. You hit the nails right on the heads :lol:

Well too bad no one at DOOL seems to share my concerns, Drew. :lol:

And Phoenix, why should Hogan deserve any credit for getting Phillip and EJ back to where they should be when he was the one who ruined them for several months in the first place just to prop Lumi and Shelle? Or was that Corday's doing as well? Maybe Esenstem and Brown?

We all know who's doing it was. It was pretty obvious from the SOD articles and don't even get me started and B&E. Ugh :angry:

Actually I don't know who's doing it was because I think both Hogan and Corday are liars. But I do know that Ken Corday was the EP before Hogan was hired and EJ and Phillip were not written to be psychos until after Hogan Sheffer was hired so pardon me if I am gonna go with Hogan at fault on that one. Unless you want to tell me that was B and E's doing. Because that I could potentially buy because of the timeline of their tenure at DOOL.

Corday has a track record of lying. Hogan we have no proof of so that alone puts me on his side.

B&E were trash and Days begin sinking when they were brought on. I still think the Steve story was all them. The whole thing was similar to over the top things they did on other shows they worked on. They both also could've very well helped in making EJ and Philip the way they were. They were on the writing team, afterall.

I am not absolving Hogan of everything but the man is an emmy winner 4 times over and is working at one of the most popular soaps ever. Would he really put his reputation on the line by continuously lying and providing so many inconsistencies?

I know many on this board hate Hogan's guts and hate Days right now but let's be fair and sensible. I am not his apologist but look at Corday's track record and all the facts. Hogan isn't perfect but for him to fuck up so many times like this and to do half the shit he takes flack for is something I can't buy but, again, I'm in the minority here.
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