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After all... tomorrow is another day!

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What the hell are they doing putting characters like China Lee, Jenna (who the fuck is she), Sister Anne and Father Mallory in the daily spoilers?????? Do those people make fans want to tune in..Stupid execs..Hopefully Ed Scott can fix this.

I don't think it's a big deal, especially when we get other spoilers and hardly anyone but online fans read these and, if online fans do read them, chances are they read other spoilers too that feature other characters.

These spoilers are usually vague at best but this time they are quite surprising IMO.

I hope it's not a typo IMA. That would definitely be shocking if she did have an affair with him.

Well I hope it doesn't happen because IMO it would be stupid Phoenix because it would totally go against everything we have been told and shown about this Colleen who is a novice who is so afraid of kissing the man she loves because she is so committed to God for her to have an affair with her priest.

Just because something is shocking doesn't mean it should happen.

I'm fairly certain this is just a poorly worded spoiler or a typo, just like when the CDN tvguide spoilers seemed to say that Stefano was the father when really that episode was just EJ telling Stefano that he had found out Sami's twins were his (EJ's).

Well, people said they wanted this story to get a kick in the ass so this would do it. It would make sense and this story needs something shocking. I hate shocking just for the hell of it but this would fit IMO. Perhaps she had an affair with Fr. Mallory and then decided to become a nun to make up for her sins? Maybe she was still having the affair while falling for Santo and that is why she was so hesitant about falling for him? It wouldn't ruin what they have told us thus far at all.

It could be a typo but I hope it isn't. We'll see.

The people who want it to get a kick in the ass don't want more characters we don't know injected into the mix they want to see Colleen and Santo have sex already or Colleen die or both so we can get on with things.

And yes it would absolutely ruin what they have told us so far because it would mean that this girl is not the inexperienced and sheltered and pious and innocent thing Colleen has been made out to be so far. And it would cheapen the romance of the story of this innocent girl who finds to her chagrin she just can't resist the allure of the worldy older experienced irreverent man. It would make her a phony slut pretty much and it wouldn't make any sense for Santo to care about her so much to spark decades of war against the Bradys to avenge her if she was sleeping around.

But I'm not going to argue with this any more Phoenix because I know this is a typo so it's not really worth it.
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