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Aug 10 2007, 01:25 AM
Aug 10 2007, 01:22 AM
Your right.  It's pointless. 

I am thinking of taking a break from posting anyway.  I can't be the only one being positive around here anymore.  All it does is cause me grief.

Oh now don't let me run you off.

I'm just in a pissy mood and you're the only Hogan apologist I could find tonight... or most nights. ;)

But seriously I promise I'll leave you alone now because I do like reading your posts even if I don't agree with them all the time.

It's not you, IMA.

I enjoy you alot and I love debating with you. I'm probably the only Hogan apologist on here, although I don't think of myself as a apologist for him. Days apologist for sure though. I'm just not sure if Mr. Optimistic can take on so many anti-Hogan people here. I can't help how I am or what I think or like. I post about it and maybe I shouldn't. I just would like to see some positive things once in awhile instead of all the negativity. Hell, even if that means one saying they liked the color of a blouse it's something.
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