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Steve Frame
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Thank you Drew. No one on DR should be judged about anything they post - whether it be negative or positive. Some people are all positive and some people are all negative in regards to the shows they watch. That is why we have discussion boards.

As I said in another thread I am a positive person pretty much in real life. I dwell on the positive nature of things to keep my attitude and my spirits up. But when I go to message boards and post I expect to be able to be both negative and positive.

And I am never going to be one where when I post I am going to be both negative and positive in every thread. If soemthing is great and that is what overwhelms me when I watch then I am going to post about it.

Wednesday on ATWT Lucinda was so great that she outshone everything negative about the show that day. And when I posted that day she was on my mind adn ATWT got all praise that day.

A few weeks ago the show was actually fairly good that day but they fucked up the ending and that is what was on my mind when I posted and that is what I focused on.

That is my right as a poster. Every one has their own style and that is why we have message boards. And no one on a message board should ever be made to feel guilty because they feel the way they do about a show.

And I ahve been waiting to say this for a long time. No one should ever be told that if they don't have anything positive to say about a show then why do they watch it. Fans of all shows should be grateful to anyone who watches their show these days with the rating situation as bad as it is, and they should never make anyone feel like they have done something wrong for coming to a board and posting something negative about a show they love.

I do not go into any daily thread for any show and post everyday. I never have and I never will. I post somewhere on DR every day but usually it is not in the daily discussion threads. There are some days that even though I watched I just don't feel that passionat enough about it to post.

If I don't love a show or care about a show in some way then I am not going to waste my time posting about it. So even though I may post negative comments at times or even often does not mean I hate the show or that I should quit watching it.

Sorry end of rant.

Again Drew very well put and thank you.
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