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Steve Frame
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I don't think I would necessarily want a big crossover for a big story like AMC/OLTL did with the baby switch or even like they did with Rae.

I guess I want more of a harkening of the old days when minor characters floated back and forth from time to time.

I can remember Steve Hardy leaving GH and going to OLTL during Meredith's illness to treat her.

Paul Martin came from AMC to defend Vicki on OLTL of murder.

Or like Mitchell Dru did in the early days of AW, ATWT, and Brighter Day.

Just various small crossovers that would tie the soap community but not be so tied together that it blurred things too much. I know during the baby switch storyline there were several times when characters from Llanview would be in Pine Valley and they would be in one setting at the end of AMC but in another one at the opening of OLTL. The two shows didn't work together well on those things.

I like Cass Winthrops short little crossovers when needed. I wished he had been used during this WorldWide story at ATWT.

I would have liked to have seen maybe at some point a tie in with maybe Lucinda trying to take over Spaulding or vice versa. That might have been an interesting story.

And I would have definitely loved Forrester getting interested in hiring Barbara Ryan or using her designs. That would make an interesting cross story.
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