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Steve Frame
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I didn't put in a tape today and tried to watch while working. I had thought I had all afternoon free so didn't put the tape in. I missed all of the Luke/Noah stuff. It was on and I could hear the show but didn't get to see anything.

It seemed like it was possibly an okay show but from what I saw it didn't seem anything like yesterday's show which I have loved more than anything in a long time.

And James I too want to see changes at the top. I love the new scriptwrtiers and think they are really doing good, but overall ATWT has had pretty good scriptwriters all along. There were some weak points but overall they were pretty good. I think Jean needs to go and things will improve immensely.

They are definitely getting some of Days best writing talent. I hope they hold onto Peter Brash - he is one of Hogan's recent firings and one of Days best writers. Now if ATWT could get Sofia Landon Greier.

Brash was one of Days best HW's ever too. He would be a nice choice to bump on up at ATWT.
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