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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I don't think it's that simple that you can pigeonhole the people who are unhappy with the show right now to say they don't like it because they aren't used to Hogan's writing style or they miss the over the top, campy Days.

Obviously I enjoyed 90s Days, but it's not the camp that I miss when I tune into this show and I don't think it's the fact that I'm not used to Hogan that makes me dislike the show under him.

I simply don't trust him at the helm of this show I care a great deal about because of everything that has happened on this show since he became head writer. Obviously for me a big part of that is what he did to EJ's character, but more than that it's how disjointed and jumpy everything has been since he took over from all the dropped plot points to the character 180s to the introduction of characters who showed up then vanished (Connor Lockhart, Ned Starks, Benjy DiMera) to the longterm characters who have been written out poorly (Victor, Abby, Mimi).

What I miss from my memories of the time that I fell in love with the show is not the camp, even though I did enjoy that, but it was the feeling of getting lost in a story and trusting that there will be some beginning, middle and end to it with some sort of emotional payoff or resolution as my reward for getting invested in it and that plot points won't be dropped left and right. I miss an attention to detail and to the integrity of characters who you could trust would still have certain core characteristics from episode to episode, storyline to storyline but wouldn't be contorted beyond recognition to fit specific plots or scenes. I miss romance. I miss strong women characters who don't have to be written to be a slut if they enjoy sexual freedom and don't have to be written as crazy if they have a mind of their own. I miss the evil bitches, too. I miss the sense that the head writer has an overall vision for his storylines and the show as a whole. These are not things that I have gotten to my satisfaction from Days of our Lives as penned by Hogan Sheffer.


And the maddening thing of this is I actually agree with you, Phoenix, that the show does have the pieces in place and doesn't have to be that far away from working and with a better co-HW and SWs who know the show and its characters they could make a world of difference. Because all the characters I want to be on the canvas are there, it's just no one can paint them accurately enough and in a pleasing enough pattern with the consistency I want. I just don't have faith that Hogan Sheffer will ever get it right though at this point.
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