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Steve Frame
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Aug 10 2007, 02:32 AM
I wasn't judging anyone and if, anyone feels that way, I am sorry. I am not the type of person who does that nor I do I ever want to. I also don't set out to belittle or disrespect anyone so, if anyone feels that way, I am sorry.

I will back off. There will be a new PhoenixRising05 from now on.


I don't think anyone - at least not anyone that I know of wants you to change who you are.

Just don't get so offended when someone is negative about your show. There is nothing wrong with you being positive about Days or any show. Just as there is nothing wrong with others posting negative.

It is a back and forth thing. It is healthy for both sides to be shown. I don't agree that they have to be shown in every thread and they don't even have to be shown every time someone posts.

Somedays there just isn't anything nice to say about some shows. I commend you for looking for the positive but when I watch TV even with shows I love I don't watch to see how I can praise them that day. I watch to be entertained and if I am not entertained I am not going to see the positive and it is not going to stick with me. Even with shows I love like ATWT or Days - it just ain't gonna happen.

I am sure if I looked hard enough I am sure I could find something to be positive about but when I watch TV I don't want to have to look for it. It had better be right there in front of my damn face or the show failed on that aspect.

I could definitely say any day that Maura West, Peter Reckell, Jon Hensley or Kristian Alfonso are on that they looked great or their ass was fine and that would be something positive. But again I point out I watch to be entertained by the story and if that is not there then even the best looking performers or my favorite performers being on is just not going to give me a positive approach to the show.

So no I don't think you have to become a whole new person. Just let posters be posters and do what they are here to do. Don't be so defensive about it. They love the show as much as you do. And showing both sides is healthy. But I disagree that there has to be something positive everytime someone posts to outweigh the negative.
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