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Again from a birdie ;)

Monday: Bo and Hope arrive at the Irish church with the key; Lauren hides in a bedroom as Philip and Billie re-enter her apartment to retrieve his cell phone; Kayla tells Mrs. Meyers that she wants to provide a foster home for the abandoned baby.

Tuesday: Bo defuses the bomb outside the church; Hope finds a leather folio in the tabernacle; Jeremy comes clean with Max about his business; Nick and Chelsea watch the wedding video; Steve warns Kayla against getting too attached to the baby.

Wednesday: E.J. calls a press conference in Lucas' hospital room; Jett tells Max that he is an undercover ISA agent and presses him to tell the truth about Jeremy; a passenger makes a pass at Stephanie and gets too rough, but Max rescues her.

Thursday: Jeremy and Max tell Rawlings that they will no longer deliver girls to him; Stephanie admits to Chelsea that she liked it when Max rescued her; Nick tells Chelsea he plans to get rid of China Lee; Sami and Lucas get amorous in his hospital room

Friday: Nick loses all of his money in Las Vegas; Chelsea sees Max and Steph going at it and warns them that Jeremy is coming; Max offers to buy a drink for a blonde woman; E.J. confides his all-consuming love for Samantha to Tony; Lucas and Sami make love.

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