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Um, Shericunt? Bitch, please!! Fancy wasn't even thinking about Luis when she first came to town. It took a while, but both fell in love with each other; and let's not forget the fact that they were free to do so after her fickle dumbass decided to kick Luis to the curb AGAIN so that she could fulfil her psycho Mommy fantasy to another man's child!

What kills me about Prettygate is the fact that why would Luis believe the worst about Fancy without hearing Fancy's side of the story?! According to everyone else, it was a goddamned accident....if Luis loves Fancy as much as he says he does then he would know there were two sides to the story.

Is that Piper Laurie from Carrie the new psychologist? Am I supposed to feel bad for Vincent/Vincentia? 'Cause I don't, and hopefully his storyline will end soon. And I don't buy his Mommy moment with Skeve for one minute, he's up to something.

(Fans self)....The Therethan playful sex was hot!
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