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I enjoyed a big portion of this episode, but was bored by the rest..I loved the Phillip and billie, and Kayla, Abe, Lexie scenes....this baby storyline has totally rejuvenated the show for me...I'm so glad that Phillip has a story outside of Belle and Shawn, and i love that the Lauren surrogate thing wasn't just dropped..Shawn's explaination about Mimi, Bonnie, and Lauren really made sense..Bonnie was the one who was financing the whole thing and since she's in jail, she can't do anything about it...

Kayla finding the baby was great, and i'm glad they brought Abe and Lexie into this..I think this will be a perfect story for Steve and Kayla, filled with lots of emotion...

Belle and Shawn were boring until the last two scenes, when shawn fessed up about Lauren...

And i fastforwarded Lumi and EJ..I love all 3 of those characters, but i've ODed on them this year...and now they bore me..Even when the scenes should be exciting..
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