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Viewing Single Post From: PSNS: Week of 8/6

Aug 9 2007, 10:17 PM
I really just want Pretty to tell Luis her version of the story. I don't care. She just needs to move on to another storyline. It's grating.

Hmm, nothing was mentioned about Vincent being Fancy's rapist. Interesting...the writers have always been coy about that aspect of Vincent's crimes...

The last scene between Fancy and Luis was really cute.

Simone was good today. I loved her attacking Vincent. Pilar slapping Julian was great, too.

Good point about Fancy's rapes.

And notice that on Friday's episode, Gwen just assumed that he could possibly be responsible for Fancy's attacks.

Something is REALLY fishy here.

It's disgusting (but any rape is), but I'm REALLY leaning in the direction of Pretty raping Fancy.
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