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Aug 9 2007, 12:53 PM
I don't see what was campy about Lucas/Sami/EJ? I thought it was well-don. I am more LUMI fan then EJAMI but I do like EJAMI and I thought the scenes were fine. I like seeing evil EJ back, although he seems conflicted over what he did. I think he did that in response to Stefano challenging him and his and Kate's comments about him not being a man. JS played that scene well and ALI was great today. I really liked the Sami/Lucas fantasy. Good scene.

Enjoyed the Sami/Roman scenes as well as Bo, Hope, and Roman. Peter looked like he was in so much pain but he is such a trooper. Good to see J&M and B&H on and involved. Can't wait for Bo and Hope in Ireland.

I loved seeing J&M with Belle. Good scenes. These are the scenes that make Days feel like Days. Loved them.

Shawn/Lauren was interesting. I like this baby story.

Today was a pretty good show. This week has been a simple week but a good, classic soapy week IMO.

You don't see the campiness?

If JER didn't invent it, he PERFECTED the daytime fake-out "no-it-didn't-really-happen" 5-minute scene. And the EJ scene where he embraced Sami after she learned Lucas had "died" (the fakeout) was SOOOOOOOOOOOO JER it's not even funny, lol.

And sorry, but putting Lu in the meat truck was UBER-campy. (So campy you have to use the word "uber.")

And the Lucas/Sami fantasy scene was just CHEESY.

I don't know what Hogan's doing, and I'll admit I liked the meat truck scenes, but I'll say this: "Days" NEEDS to get a gothic, weirdo story that's truly something to get people talkin' again. Ed may try, but he'll be hardpressed to make the soap popular with '00 fans who mostly probably joined the show during the whacked out JER era.
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