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I agree with you, Steve. A permanent crossover is okay, and a stop by for something work related is okay, but tying an umbrella story to two shows really homogenizes them and makes them both seem the same or one show seem less important. It's obvious that the AMC/OLTL crossover was a pimp tool for AMC at the expense of OLTL.

As for crossovers, I'd like to see PGP do more crossovers with their characters. Can you imagine someone from Bay City crossing over occasionally to check on a chain restaraunt/shop they own that someone manages? Like Carlino's, for example? I remembered watching an ATWT scene where Simon and Katie(?) went to Bay City and they had a Carlino's takeout bag with them. Little things like this would be cool.

As for my favorite crossover, by far Stuart Damon on PC. He was almost like a series regular on the show, with as many appearances as he had on PC. And his crossover made perfect sense.
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