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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Like others, I am finding myself surprisingly intrigued by this baby storyline. I just wish they called the baby something other than Pocket. I loved Kayla with the baby and also Kayla with Lexie today, even though I don't remember ever thinking the Kayla-Lexie scenes that remarkable when Lexie was her nurse before she disappeared. I guess it's just nice for the change of pace aspect.

Phillie are so great together I wish they would work together at Titan or something. They could have Phillip let Billie take back Countess Wilhelmina or something and give this show a workplace setting again now that Mythic and Max's garage are gone. So nice to see JKJ in scenes away from Shelle and I wish they would use Phillip more because he is showing now that he works great with Billie just like he was great with EJ when those two were scheming together. As for Billie, I admit when I first heard they resigned Julie Pinson I was disappointed because I don't see her working with any current man in Salem (I know Billie is known for her desperation but would she really go for EJ when she knows EJ slept with her mom and also believes he raped her sister-in-law ... and when he's not already a married man? LOL) and I wanted them to trim some fat to make room in the budget and storylines to keep Leann Hunley around. Now these eps have me glad Julie is here to stay I guess but I just wish Billie wasn't related to everyone. If only we could swap Frankie for Max or they brought Jack back with Abby in the fall and Jack and Billie could have a little something going. I think Matt Ashford and Julie Pinson could be fun.

Shawn and Belle are tiresome. I hate that the show has them fighting over money when we all know Belle is loaded as the daughter of John Black.

I *LOVE* Lauren so far though and hope she sticks around for a little bit of an extended run. I don't want them to put her in every story the way they did Willow before, but every soap can use a screwed up psycho girl and with Willow dead that torch has gone uncarried for too long.

The ice truck segment again was annoying as hell for pretty much all the reasons I stated yesterday, but somehow it was even worse today seeing the dragged out closeups of the hand for the second day in a row and Lucas seemed extra flour-battered.

It also pissed me off that they had a really stupid piece of dialogue thrown in the scene where EJ made a joke to Sami about not wanting to save Lucas a third time. Actually DOOL writers, though EJ has only been in Salem 14 months or so, today was ALREADY THE THIRD TIME he has saved the life of the doofus in distress.

Of course the first time was from the fire in Carrie's apartment that EJ had nothing to do with and so the scene actually showed him being a good Samaritan and rescuing Lucas simply because Sami asked him to so and failing to pretend that never happened might actually require them to acknowledge to viewers that EJ wasn't always the 100 percent self-interested scoundrel that Hogan has made him out to be since taking over, so they just went with the line that was most convenient to make EJ look bad and have Sami pretend like she hates him all over again.

I wish Mike Cohen had got to be one of the SWs for these episodes so the ice truck crap might have actually been interesting and had depth and showed more EJ conflict about what he is doing if they are going to take him in another direction so it would seem like they are giving EJ back his sinister edge but with shades of gray rather than going all bad, but alas that wasn't the case and Bettina Bradbury was on the job so we got to have the rape brought up again like always. I really wish I couldn't tell the difference from SW to SW on this show, but when it comes to EJ/Sami/Lucas it's STRIKING and ANNOYING the lack of continuity in how the characters are written.

Because according to Bettina Bradbury, Sami has to protest that EJ is irrelevant to her and she is afraid of him. Yet when Jodie Scholz writes it's hinted in the dialogue that EJ and Sami are fated together and Sami tells Hope that she believes that EJ has changed and remembers him as her friend who accepted her like no one else had. I know Sami is pregnant so she is going to be emotional but at this point I wish she could take time out from the feud to seek treatment for her bipolar disorder.
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