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Seward can act but she will never be Emily Harper. Can't see that.

Pretty has been much better the past two days but her secret is lame so so much of her this story with her and Fancy is falling flat for me. Her scenes with Sheridan are good but the writing for Sheridan annoys me. They tried to show us why she is acting how she is but they have written her so inconsistently over the past 6 months it's hard for me to sit back and enjoy her like this. MW is giving it her all and Sheridan is entertaining now but still.

I enjoyed ET having an actual love scene that was playful as well. Luis/Fancy was adorable. Great plot resolution and nice scenes for the fans. Fancy/Pilar was nice too.

Rebecca/Gwen was funny as always. Their DIRECTV plug wasn't as annoying because it came from them and not Tabitha, Norma, or Edna again. It was refreshing.

Philip Jeanmarie was great today, as was Tracy Ross. JER has impressed with the emotional weight of this story. He has truly made it a character-driven plot that centers so much about emotion and one's psyche. My props to him on that and on making this story make logical scene with Eve/Julian and their backstory and past stories. JER took the Evian child story and made it into a fantastic story. Great scenes with Vincent and Eve. I like the therapist too.

Passions had a very good week. Impressive, actually.

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