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Aug 11 2007, 04:15 AM
Do we know that Simone is leaving? I didn't think they'd dump her with Brook Kerr's HBO pilot getting picked up. We can't lose Whitney and Simone. I guess they'll recast Whitney which will be very difficult.

I want major deaths, but I don't want Simone to go. Is it the actresses choice? This is a character that has been neglected and given crap stories the entire series run. This lesbian thing is interesting, but it hasn't been utilized well.

Still I can't wait to see this! The show has been on fire leading into DirecTV. So stupid for me to get invested since I'll have to dump the show.

I thought I read that with Passions being reduced to 4 days a week that Passions would work with Brook and she would be staying on. Pretty sure that is the case.

I agree about Simone. They have wasted Cathy Doe's talent. That is why they can't seem to keep actresses in the role of Simone. They never give the character anything to do and the actress bolts. Simone has so much potential, especially with the lesbian aspect. I do think she is leaving as nothing has been said about her continuing on. She will most likely fade away since she goes MIA for months at a time anyway.
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