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Viewing Single Post From: Days:CDN TV Guide spoilers for wk of 8/20
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Aug 11 2007, 04:13 AM
Aug 9 2007, 11:06 PM
EJ summons Stefano's children to the hospital

No Kristen? Fuck off, DAYS.

In all fairness, she isn't really Stefano's kid. I love her to death and would like her here but it's not as important as having Benji, Lexie, and EJ there. Obviously, Tony being there isn't important for the same reasons as he isn't really his either. I am sure he will be there although I could see Andre being there instead.

I hope they make mention of her but I doubt it. It seems Days is straying away from that era of the Dimera's at the moment. Too bad they didn't get all Dimera crazy until May because I know Corday would've went after ED if she were available. In December, it seems they weren't interested, which is ok since she wasn't needed, something I think we will clearly disagree on :lol:
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