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To me, his being hired as a day player would be as another character like a background person or extra. That is how it came off to me. It sounds like they want to get rid of him for story reasons but want to use him in other ways as kind of a thank you. It's weird but nice in a way, if that is how it goes.

As for Suzanne, Peggy, and whoever else, they are used as recurring players anyway. If the show can save money, they need to do it. NBC isn't helping right now and I would much rather see money being used on vets that are crucial to story right now then ones that are basically recurring anyway. I hate to see it happen but if it must, it must. As long as it's not Peter, Kristian, Deidre, etc...I am fine.

If you asked me that a year or so ago, I would say no way but Days needs to make cuts somewhere.

I would also take all this with a grain of salt. I was just at the Sony boards and there was a rumor about Thaoo and Leann getting fired too that was proven to be false by sources close to Thaoo. It seems Wendy from SNS confirmed that too and she has a history of confirming things that turn out to be not true, especially in Thaoo's case as was outlined on those boards.

I do think Frank is out for sure and don't doubt other changes but I think we need to wait until we know more before saying it's the end of Days. I don't see Days hiring a bunch of newbies either. The only newbies I think we may see is a nuAbby and the IWTBASS winner. We may get a nuMimi too but, other then that, I don't see anyone else new coming on of long-term standing.

Sony wants the show to last so while it may not last beyond 2009 on a major network, it could find a home on cable or Soapnet or something. When the times comes, we'll see. This is all really weird though.

Does anyone know if this source that started all this is the same one who claimed a Days "icon" would be out last November? I remember that source was pretty reliable back then.
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