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Last Week on Y&R: Jill refused to believe Kay, who insisted Ji Min only wants to marry Jill to get his hands on her fortune. Kay then cut Jill out of her will. Later, Kay tried to pay Ji Min millions of dollars to leave town, then fired him from Jabot when he tore up her check. Ji Min later told Jill that he rejected Kay's offer to pay him to leave her. Kevin was upset when Jana said she wasn't going to have surgery to remove her tumor because it's no longer life-threatening. Kevin later asked Logan about alternative treatment for brain tumors. Kevin nixed giving Amber a job at Crimson Lights, and said he's selling the coffeehouse to pay for Jana's surgery. Amber begged Cane to forgive her betrayal, telling him how much she loves him. Cane kissed Amber and they made love, but afterward, Cane told Amber to get out, and said he was just using her like she used him. Phyllis is waiting for the jury verdict in her trial.

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Billy & Mac (one of favorite younger couples of recent years)
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