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Last Week on GH: In Venezuela, Carly stitched up Jerry's stab wound, but they were confronted by a gun-toting thug, whom Jerry shot to death. Carly told police that Jerry was her bodyguard and he had killed the thug in self-defense. Carly and Jerry started putting together a scheme to make everyone believe Alcazar is still alive. Diane later received a letter stating Alcazar is alive. At Jason's murder trial, Ric played a tape of Alcazar's shooting to convince the jury Jason was his killer. Diane tried to discredit Ric's eyewitness, who claimed to see Jason put Alcazar's body in a van. Jason warned Sam to keep mum that he's Jake's father. Sam got chummy with Lucky and made him doubt Elizabeth by insinuating that Jason and Elizabeth had a long-time affair. Sonny was grateful to Kate, who saved Morgan from drowning even though she can't swim. Maxie, who's paying Logan to seduce Lulu, told him to hurry up and do the deed.

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