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Last Week on OLTL: After discovering the fake death certificate Rex had on his computer for Todd's son (Todd Jr.), John told Rex and Michael that he knows Tommy is Todd's son. Michael begged John not to tell Todd the truth. Todd snuck into the hospital and told Evangeline, who's in a coma, he now believes his son is dead. Marcie wishes Michael would tell her what's bothering him (Tommy's parentage). At Tate's arraignment, Nora made sure he got the max in prison. At Capricorn, Hunter held Sarah at knife-point and demanded she give him money, which Sarah doesn't have. Cris fought with Hunter, who was stabbed to death during the struggle. John worried that with Hunter dead, his kidnapping case against Miles could go south. Viki let Miles live in her carriage house. Dorian received a postcard from David, who said he got a job in a Caribbean resort. Todd and Blair talked about a future, but Starr reminded them that they always break up.

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Blair (Kassie DePaiva) & Kelly (Gina Tognoni)
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