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Last Week on AMC: Ryan blamed Greenlee after he and Kendall learned that Spike is deaf. Joe told Kendall, Ryan and Annie that he doesn't know if Spike's deafness is permanent. Ryan and Joe were surprised by Annie's knowledge about deafness, but she clammed up when Ryan asked about the ''family friend'' whom she said had been deaf. Annie later made a mysterious phone call. Baby Ian was treated for jaundice. Zach got to feed Ian (with a syringe and a feeding tube) for the first time. Jack stood up to Erica, who said they were through if Greenlee doesn't leave town. J.R. and Amanda's arrival on the scene ruined the sting that Ava and the police set up to trap drug dealer Lenny. J.R. broke through the police line and entered the beach shack where Lenny was holding Ava hostage. After a shot was fired, Ava and J.R. emerged from the shack with Lenny at gunpoint. Posing as Stuart, Adam tricked Krystal into letting him spend time with baby Jenny.

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