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I am not saying I want it to happen. I could care less about Parker because it's been rumored he wanted out before due to health issues. I would never want him back as a day player. That's stupid and I would be pissed too if they did that to McKay or Rogers or both. I don't think they will.

However, if McKay or Rogers was taken off contract, I would be unhappy but could understand it. The show has financial trouble and if those two are being used as recurring players anyway why not make them that? I don't want it to happen but I can see the motivation and reason behind that. At least Days uses their vets, unlike other shows, and I don't buy for a second that putting any vet on recurring at Days is a death sentence because they use recurring actors quite well on Days. Corday may be a dumbass but he knows he can't gut the vets. He learned that so he would use them just like he always has.

If Days needs money to be able to use the vets that are active in story, then they need to do what they must. The ratings will not go down if Rogers or McKay is knocked to recurring. It sucks but it would not change anything. If PR, KA, etc went to recurring then that would be different.

The vets have earned respect and deserve to be on contract but these are changing times. Yes, it's the problem the TPTB created but it is what it is. Days needs to do what it must to survive. I hate seeing bets get cut or fired altogether but I hate how we always get to the point where so and so can't go because they are a vet. It straps a show and a writer if we always have this lock on who can be cut and who can't be cut. If a writer sees a chance to do a story, he or she needs to go ahead and tell it if they think it's worth it, regardless of what it may do. Soaps don't take risks anymore, especially Days, because so many fans are limiting what they can and can't do.

One thing I will give JER is he had the balls to kill off some main characters. Granted, they weren't dead and I hated the fact that he did it but the idea to take that big of a risk and to tell a story with impact is something I admire and wish more of daytime would do. That is not to say I want Hogan or any other writer to start cutting or killing vets but I would like to see more riskier stories and more gutsy material.

I am just glad that NBC told Hogan to continue with the Dimera story. Good news, indeed. Hopefully, it will only get better as time goes on, especially with Ed on board.
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