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Steve Frame
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It can try to be spinned anyway you want it. And not just with Days but any of the shows. It all comes down to respect.

Just as in the article that I posted about Passions - one of the problems that is listed as to why soaps are going down is fans are defecting because the tried and true characters they love are being dumped.

When shows dump these vets it is bad publicity and gives the show a bad image to the public. Sure AMC got big money freed by dumping Julia Barr, Jill Larson, Cady McClain and Tonya Pinkins but the negative publicity and the fans they lost over it have cost them in the long run.

The negative publicity that GH got over Anna Lee esp. hurt them big time.

Sure ratings didn't plunge big time right off the bat but over time they did for both shows - in terms that they hit not hit and miss viewers but loyal base fans who left.

Just like real life when companies do the same thing for long time employees in order to try to keep the company alive it doesn't help them either. It leaves a bad taste in the public's minds.

People can try to spin it as a needed necessity but there is nothing positive about any one losing their job and esp. a vet whether it is done to keep the show on the air or not.

To me I am tired of losing the characters I love and know just for the sake of keeping a show on the air. I would take Caroline and Maggie over Stefano, Tony, Jeremy, Jett, or any of that damn bunch any day of the week.

And as to the recurring thing Bo, Hope, John & Marlena are used as recurring players now so why not dump them to recurring now too if that is the argument that is being used.

And I still don't get where Days uses vets better than any other show. I must be watching the wrong show. I can't commend any show right now for using their vets. The only long time vets that involved in a story of all their own right now are Susan on ATWT and Reva, Josh & Alexandra on GL. Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Maggie, Caroline and Shawn are afterthoughts in the stories on Days. They are there but even Shawn who should be a key player is really not on the big story that started with him.

And I don't see Days being a good example of recurring players either. None of the recurring players except for Tonya Boyd ever gets any significant airtime. John Aniston comes and goes and will be gone for long periods of time even when you think he should be there. Same for Bill & Susan Hayes.

REally the only show that recurring is not a death knoll is for Ilene Kristen on OLTL who seems to air more than many contract players do.
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