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This past week Passions, bare none, has pulled me back in. I literally was EXCITED to watch each day. I haven't felt like that, honestly, in years.

The entire week was very entertaining.

I too cannot believe how emotionally driven the Evian love child story is. I'm a little tired of Vincent's contrived reasoning behind his actions, but it's typical JER.

And the Pretty/Fancy secret is really lame. I expected Pretty to be totally disfigured and yet all she has is an ugly spot on her face that's hidden by her hair and honestly it's not that appalling. It makes it so ridiculous.

I love crazy Sheridan but I am just so mad at how destroyed Sheridan has become. The only way out of it is that she is Beth.

I dislike Luis and Fancy only because he'll turn on her the second he hears her secret and he'll be sniffing Sheridan again. I guarantee it. No offense to Galen but how old is he? He looks like he could be Emily's father. Maybe that's why I'm just not buying them.

Ethan and Theresa were very good. I really enjoyed them. I'm LOVING Gwen too. Liza has always been fairly decent but she's become ... so different after maternity leave. Just so good. I dunno what it is.

And I love Andrea Evans. Rebecca was hilarious. Screwing that guy through the bars ... lmao. Only on Passions. Seriously, only on Passions.

I loved the week-long (felt like it!) Pretty/Lonigan scenes. I'm so glad Father Lonigan is back on the scene. I disliked the church scenes though. Why is it ALWAYS doom and gloom. We can't even get five minutes of happiness before the next bought of evil is mentioned.
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