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Steve Frame
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PR, I watch some of Days every single day. My VCR tapes it. Now the reason I say "From what I have seen" is that I do not "see" everything that goes on with Days. Some things and scenes I am still finding very very boring and I will tune out or I will FF them but I am not the only Days fan that is doing that. There are some that are saying that at Sony, at Soap Central, here and even at SoapNet.

I even still love the show enough that I read every report on the show here except all the daily threads. I have never been one to read the daily threads on any show every day even when I was posting at SON. That is just not my thing. I love reading teh reports, previews, and even the spoilers. The only time I go into the daily threads is when I have something I feel very passionate about on a show that happened that day. It may be passionate in a good way or it may be in a bad way. Just like as I have said before I felt very passionate about one show last week that I thought was very very good. And I said so.

And as to giving benefit of the doubt - there is not a soap on daytime right now that I give any benefit of the doubt too. They have all burned me and the fans way too much to be given any kind of benefit of the doubt too. When they give me good consistent balanced drama again that entertains me as it once did then I might be able too but consistent is the key word there.
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