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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 12 2007, 11:50 PM
Aug 12 2007, 11:27 PM
Aug 12 2007, 11:15 PM
PR, Don't take things so personal. you stated your opinion and I stated mine. That is what a message board is. You don't have to get so mad when someone doesn't agree with everything you say about Days.

The reason I list Bope is because from what I see they could very easily be replaced by anyone in the DiMera story. They are not key players. The role that they are fulfilling can be completed by anyone at this point. I know that the Ireland stuff is more personal than anything else, but to me they are just not key to the story. They are on, but they just aren't that important to the overall thing.

That is my biggest problem with the Dimera/Brady story as I have said so many times. This feud between the DiMera's and the Bradys has been going on since 1983 - 24 years now. The principal players throughout it all have been John, Roman, Bo, Hope, Marlena, Stefano, and Tony/Andre with Abe, Lexxie, Maggie, Mickey, Doug, Julie, Don Craig and others thrown in at various points. Even at one point when Tony teamed up with Tony she was briefly involved.

I do not want a story that centers on Stefanos obsession with Marlena or even Hope or Marlena being kidnapped again, but I want them to have an important role in the story. A role that will have a long term affect on them. This is the big culmination of verything that has gone on for 24 years on the show. And right now the principal players are like afterthoughts in the story. Sure Bo & Hope are seen alot but unless something big happens soon they are just investigating a case at this point - at least that is how it seems to me. And it shouldn't feel that way.

And one last comment. Maybe it is different for you but I don't post to try and convince anyone of anything. I post my opinion. I don't post with the express thought of changing anyones mind. I state how the story appears to me. I read someone elses thoughts and then explain what I see in connection to that.

I care about Days but as far as anyone else I don't feel like it is my place to convince them of anything. I think everyone on here are adults and can make up their own minds. Just my thought anyway.

Now if someone like Rick asks the question about what show they should pick up or should not pick up, then yes I would try to swing them to a certain point, but I don't set out with the goal of changing anyone's opinion or making them feel a certain way about Days when I post in threads. I just post for the discussion.

I agree with pretty much everything you said in this Steve.

I am one of those people who actually isn't upset at all, and is actually happy, that Alison Sweeney/Sami are front and center in this thing because I think it's her time but I do wish that someone besides Sami and EJ were shown having a real emotional investment in all of this. And I don't think they've done a very good job at all of demonstrating how this feud has emotionally impacted anyone besides Sami and EJ.

I appreciate your comments very much.

As to the Sami thing, I guess people think I am anti-Sami because I don't like her the center of this story. Believe me I am not. I still Alison Sweeney even though I do think she is on overkill right now.

I do not have a problem with her being the center of the show now. She has put in her time and is deserving of that. I agree with everyone on that. Although I do feel that all the shows should take a step back and quit featuring 1 or 2 characters as much as they all do. But that is a complaint toward all soaps and not just Days.

But Sami is deserving. She is one of the Best Actresses Days has and they should showcase her, but it shouldn't be this story. And that is my problem. She should be part of it as the next generation but not the be all and end all of the story.

As you said EJ and Sami should not be the only ones whose story, existence or whatever is affected by this story.

I am still trying to hold out hope but I had so hoped that this story would put to rest many of the story loopholes and mysteries for the years. I was really hoping that it would put to rest forever why John was used as the pawn and what his true identity was, why Steve was kidnapped (since they went as far as rewriting history with that), and so many other things. Right now some of those things are not even being hinted at. I know that the Steve stuff was kind of cleared up, but there are still big potholes in that for me.

Oh well there is still hope but so far we are almost 2 months into the story and it has just not hooked me yet and I had so hoped that this would be the story that did. But right now when they get on the letters and Santo/Colleen it just puts me to sleep.

When I made the comment about the anti-Sami people I wasn't exactly lumping you in that category, I was just thinking about the anti-Sami brigade of people I count on some less civil soap boards like Sony who try to lay all the problems with this feud storyline at the foot of Alison Sweeney and/or James Scott. And I don't think you are one of those people for the record, but was just talking about in general that when I complain about the storyline I am obviously coming from a different place than a lot of people as an EJami fan who is getting to see the characters I like best on screen a lot.

ITA about having wanted John's paternity and Steve's past as a DiMera henchman cleared up in this, but I've given up hope that we're going to get that. I also don't get how Stefano can completely ignore his past feelings toward Marlena when considering his son's feelings for Marlena's daughter. It just doesn't make sense that there wouldn't be some sort of connection made there. And when I heard that Anna was coming back I also dared to hope maybe they would make EJ the longlost son of Tony and Anna and say he was brainwashed to think he was Elvis or something, just so that we would get something to flesh out his history more and because I thought EJ being their son would be a great story for Tony and Anna but alas I've given up hope about that too with it not seeming like Leann is ever gonna get a contract. I mean I know with it being the most ridiculous SORAS ever that they can't go into things too much about EJ's youth but I just thought with Stefano and Tony coming back we would get more about EJ's past finally than some bizarre throwaway line about him having grown up at Maison Blanche (that contradicted a lot of what they had told us before about him having a British nanny and in no way explains how he has a British accent if he grew up in the South as the son of an Italian man).

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