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Steve Frame
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I didn't think you were lumping me in there, but in case you were I wanted to state how I felt about Allison.

I was so hoping that EJ would end up being Tony & Anna's too. It would be a great tribute to them, and make more sense. And it would esp. be great since they are there and EJ's childhood could be fleshed out with them there. It would have been great to do it the other way with Kirsten or Susan back but that didn't happen and at this point with so many on the show she is not needed since they have Tony & Anna.

I have wondered about the British accent too after the Maison Blanche stuff.

I have to say the rumor of Lucas being a DiMera would be a nice twist, but I would rather see John end up being the DiMera - if they ever go there. But I have a feeling that since Lucas is younger Hogan will go that route. I just wish Lucas would stay a Horton and them actually use that connection.

I guess I was just wanting more of a history to the story that included characters we have known and loved for the last 24 years of this story. And I was so excited that way in the beginning of the story. I wasn't posting anywhere then and didn't put it into writing. But when they brought on Doug & Julie and revisited Doug's PLace I thought - damn Hogan you have really surprised me and you are going to do this right. But he disappointed me again. I know that Santo is Stefano's father and Colleen is Shawn's sister, but even after the letters and them being onscreen I still don't feel like I know them and still have not gotten attached enough to care what happens to them.

I haven't given up hope yet Aremid, but it does dwindle a little each day. I still hope that at some point some of these things will creep in there.
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