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Aug 13 2007, 01:59 PM
I am still on the Beth thing because I just don't see why JER is totally trashing Sheridan only to have him bring on Pretty months later to torment Fancy.

I dunno.

JER loves overkill, though.

JER's been writing it as Luis having no real loving feelings towards Sheridan. So, Luis/Fancy needs another obstacle or 2 since Luis is out of prison.

The Pretty thing, I assume, is a way to introduce the unknown child and to build up the mystery and suspense of it along with the blackmailer storyline. I think that Pretty will get her own storyline and love interest within 3 months.

I buy Sheridan being under mind control more than her being Beth. Beth wouldn't be crying about James nor would she really think that Marty is dead. She would be using alive Marty as a way to get Luis back.
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