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Didn't Stefano and Shawn Sr play with a toy truck in some of the Santeen flashback scenes? That may be the reason why Shawn Sr doesn't want them playing with it.

Today was really good. Bope are so much fun and I couldn't help but laugh at Andre in the nun costume. I can't figure out how Andre got that little boy to help him. That was odd.

The baby story has already become a fave of mine. MBE just melts my heart and SN was so great today with little "Pocket." The scenes were so cute and SN was hilarious when asking if the baby is worried about global warming and if he liked the cubs. Good use of Abe and Lexie too, given their history.

Belle/Shawn/Philip/Billie was good as well. I like seeing so much of Billie and JKJ was great the way he teared into Shawn and Belle. I also like how Belle came back at him too. Good scenes.

The bomb thing is getting ridiculous. Variety is a good thing, Hogan.

Good start to the week.
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