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Am I the only one who's worried about this child's well-being by their calling him Pocket? Don't get me wrong, I hope and pray that Stayla fall in love with the baby and get to keep it (and even Philip dies, lol); and I don't know the psychological implications of giving a baby a nickname so early, especially knowing the child may leave and have another home, where he'll have ANOTHER name -- but couldn't this be confusing for the child? Couldn't it cause irreparable harm? These are the things I worry about. :(

Having said that, if the name STAYS as Pocket, I'll be happy. It's one of those cool "only on soaps" names; one of the little touches that reminds us why we watch soaps, because you're not likely to get a cool name in the other mediums. But Pocket, Thorne, Fancy, Pretty, etc etc... they're just cool.
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