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Aug 13 2007, 09:55 PM

What kinds of changes exactly?  I always get nervous when that happens.

For me, there's a difference between my hate for Iris and my hate for Sofie/Cole.  With Iris, it's love to hate.  I don't FF her scenes because I love to hate her. 

They have added two writers formerly from DOOL to write scripts:Jeanne Marie Ford and Peter Brash. They are actually quite good.

Elizabeth Page, a script writer,left to go to OLTL. Mimi Leahey,another SW was gone today. David Levinson,a breakdown writer was bumped down to writing scripts.

There are rumors that Anna Cascio , a breakdown writer and Christopher Whitesell, a Co-Head writer are on the way out. Possibly Lisa Connor, another BDW will leave.

Courtney Simon,the story editor is rumored to be retiring.

You know,I know that Iris is Gwen's and Cole's mother but I wish they would take her out of always interfering and scheming in their marriage and give Iris an adult story.
Have her tangle with Barbara or Lucinda. Let her take a second look at Tom and get Margo upset. Have her try to con Lisa.
Terri Garber is a good actress. I wish they'd use her to her full potential.
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