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Aug 14 2007, 07:10 PM
^ lol this isn't a spoiler anymore since the episode has aired, but it was Luis.

I'm glad to see that Luis and Sheridan can still be friends...hopefully more one day. I loved the ending with them finding "Fancy" in the pool!! What a great episode ending, unlike some of the GET endings we got a few weeks ago. :lol:

The Gwen, Rebecca, Pilar, and ET stuff was superb. I loved the exchanges between Rebecca and Pilar. I also love the way Rebecca says Pilar-- "Pee-Lar". LMAO!


I was truly shocked just now, finding out it was LUIS! (I finally watched my DVD). So I have problems with that. Remember: Pretty came in the indoor pool room WHILE Lucy were asleep, which means that after Fancy got up to speak with Pretty (as it was suggested), Luis was still asleep. So here's my problem: It's VERY out of character to believe Luis would see Fancy talking to a strange woman, when he woke up, and DIDN'T ask that he be introduced. I just don't see that happening -- EVER.

Speaking of Pretty (whom I adore! :wub:), I think they have to be playing this as camp. I mean, MILLIONS of men would accept Pretty, whose face is GORGEOUS and the scars don't even show until her hair's pulled back! As long as they made love to her from the side without the scar, men wouldn't care! So, Sheridan AND Pretty are wrong: she WILL find love. If she tries.

Yes, today was filler, but it was good filler. I'm keeping THIS episode too! Dammit! :lol: It's the supernatural things mostly. They're just on overdrive and I'm loving that!


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