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I have to comment on dialog.

First of all, anyone else sick and tired of Nick saying, in perhaps every scene, "China Lee?" WE GET, it writers. It's a cool name. Now Nick said it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

Next offender :the "leather folio." Most guys I know would call it a "book" or something equally generic. So, sorry, especially a guy like BO, rough-around-the-edges, rugged, manly -- he just wouldn't call it that. I don't buy it. And even if we can agree that he'd call it a folio (for argument's sake), he'd NEVER call it a "leather folio." I mean, case in point: I have a planner that's leather. Do I say "I bring my leather planner with me everyday"? HELL NO. I say, "I bring my planner with me everyday. Don't leave home without it!" "Leather" just isn't needed, and it makes the dialog seem unrealistic.

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