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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I kind of really liked Jeremy and Stephanie today but I hate that we have to think we've succumb to the dark side just because we find these characters likable now. Why couldn't they have been written this way with layers from the very beginning? Although I do hate that it looks like Jeremy will get the Salem get out of jail free card by blaming everything on the DiMeras since he's a Horton. Still doesn't explain why he dunked Stephanie in the hot tub and was all psycho that one ep. I just wish they could invest in some continuity for this show's characters, ALL OF THEM.

LOL at the China Lee-Nick wedding footage. But damn that pointA-to-pointC storytelling robbing us of what could have been some really funny scenes had we actually gotten to see the whole wedding happen. So sick of Chelsea-Nick at this point. I just want both of these characters to make a clean break at this point so they can develop independently of one another. I have no clue who Nick is any more other than some idiot obsessed with Chelsea getting played by women all the time and I want to believe there is something more there.

The Bo and Hope keeping Andre's appearance in Ireland a secret I guess is to allow them to later bust EJ's spot when he wants to blame the ice truck thing on Andre, but it still doesn't make any sense for Bo and Hope to keep this a secret from Roman or anyone for that matter. Of course why should I expect these characters to behave sensibly and with consistency when characters are nothing but plot vehicles under Sheffer and not their own entities to be treated with respect for their integrity and care for their history.

Steve and Kayla are firing on all cylinders right now. Thank you MBE and SN for sticking through the crap of the last year and still being able to give these great performances now.
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