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Aug 14 2007, 10:32 PM
It's not called a book because it is not a book. It is a folio. My folio's are imitation leather LOL, but it is made to safeguard important documents, stocks, wills, etc. The document is inserted into the flat layer which is then folded into three parts and tied to keep it closed.

I am so disappointed in Hogan by making Jeremy such a wimp, crybaby. He could have had the super hero I was hoping for with mega brains, but no, we get another crybaby soppy male.

Nick and Chelsea were cute again today and yea for Nick for finding his brain at least momentarily.

My favorite part of the show right now is Tyler Kiriakis and everyone involved in it. I'd like to know more about Lauren. She intrigues me because there are so many ways she could have handled the surrogate, but she chose to have the baby, name him nicely, give him his father's name, take excellent care of him and did not blackmail the Kirkiakis family. She didn't just abandon him but took him to the University Hospital in Salem, an approved place to leave a child with no questions asked and I'd like to think she said a little prayer that his real father would find him.

Billie was definitely on her toes when she found the bib with the baby's drool on it and recognized that it would provide dna for determining if the baby really is Philip's.

Jean, I know it's a folio, you know it's a folio... but we both also know (I think) that guys and some gals don't talk accurately 100 percent of the time. People call Macs PCs (personal computer, not realizing that's a Windows term); people have been known to be lazy and call binders "folders." It's just a lazy, human thing that people do. I can honestly say I've never heard a person, outside of a TV show, and frankly, today, actually use the word "folio."

I HAVE a folio. Would I ever call it that? No. Because it's not everyday language. I know what it is, but I'd never call it that. See what I mean? It doesn't roll off the tongue like "book," or "folder" or "file" or something like that.

Having said that, as I mentioned in the post, if, for argument's sake, we agreed it would be natural to call it a folio, I will always maintain that adding "leather" in front of it -- twice no less! -- is pushing it so far it becomes bad writing.

The only example I could think it's natural is "leather pants." Not too many people have 'em, so when you need to distinguish, you just have to say "leather" in front of it.

But back to my planner. It's leather... I would NEVER, EVER call it that in front of someone. It just seems like I'd be showing off. "Ooh, I have a LEATHER planner... Well, big FUCKING deal that you have a LEATHER planner!" someone might respond, adding, "I'll alert PETA, bitch! Then we'll see who's bragging!"

So there's ANOTHER reason why Bo and Hope should keep their voices down and quit all the "leather" chit-chat. Before they even get to find out the DiMera secret, Kathy Najimy or another PETA rep will grab a hold of it and hold it hostage in their body cavity.

But I digress. "Leather" killed the church script for me.
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