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Aug 14 2007, 10:34 PM
DFJ, ITFingA!!!! I love this whole Tyler/Pocket storyline. He is sooooooo cute, and it's actually a well-written story.

Pocket is so cute. I mean, Miranda who? Endora who?! There's a NEW baby in town, folks! This kid is "It!" Excellent screen presence, infiniti "cute" points. It's just perfect casting with incredible players. (Mary Beth being MY favorite!)

But again, if Philip tries to stand in the way of Kayla having her dream baby, I will NOT be responsible for my actions.

Remember: wasn't this the jerk that wanted to abort? If you ask me, he deserves no parental rights for that alone. He was gung ho, too, hesitation. Just suckitout and get rid of it.

But now, being the BRAT that he is, of course he finds out something is his and he wants it.

Well, FUCK YOU, Philip! This is Steve and Kayla's chance to DO IT RIGHT and enjoy the parenting experience.

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