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Yeah, I don't get the point of the stem cells stuff.

Or this story in general, actually. So the stupid feud could end if a Brady marries a Dimera, that's the rumored condition, but Stefano didn't want that so he locked up the answer in a church in Ireland, or something, so that he could continue to fuck with the Bradys. And now the Bradys want to end it, motivated by...boredom and Sami (which- I'd argue that Sami's more of a threat to Sami's family than the Dimeras are, but whatever works), I guess, so they're going to get the solution to the puzzle in a game nobody but Stefano and Grandpa Shawn knew they were playing. Is that kind of how it's going?

But...if they made Lucas a Dimera then a Dimera heir would've married a Brady and feud over. Except EJ wouldn't likely go for that at this point. And if EJ and Sami get married, it's not like indestructible Andre's going to back down and/or disappear.

So...technically it would switch to Dimera vs. Dimera at that point, I guess, but it still seems like more of the same.

I think I'm just not finding the point in all of this. It's not super entertaining. There are no stakes involved for anyone except Sami at this point (Lucas and EJ too but, c'mon, does anyone care about them as characters independent of her, really?). And if Sami has to marry a Dimera then, well, big fucking deal. What's the sacrifice? She gives up Lucas for a more attractive, wealthier, more interesting man.

Is this another one of those things where they bring up the past only to slaughter it so that we're forced to move on to Touch the Sky and whatnot, like the crappification of Austin/Carrie?

Also, EJ came to Salem to hook up with a Brady woman? But...why? To end the feud? What...because Stefano's dying now so he wants it to end? Or he's always wanted it to end but, like, been too into kidnapping people to make it happen?

I swear, this is not a complicated storyline, and I'm a lot slow lately in the mental department, but it's not coming together for me.
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