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Jack & Carly feel the heat between them...literally!


  • Silas sets fire to the cabin and leaves Jack and Carly to die. Carly heroically saves Jack from the cabin before it blows up, saves J.J. from Silas (after J.J. fakes an asthma attack), knocks Silas unconcious, saves J.J. from quicksand, but in the process... she falls in herself.

  • Rosanna finally awakens and asks a stunned Paul to tell Jennifer what Craig did, forcing Paul to control his emotions and clue her in. Rosanna, being the firecracker she is, insists she get back home to see her family and confront Craig, but she has trouble walking.

  • Dusty breaks up a business meeting between Lily and Cheri and outs Cheri for what she is. Cheri vows to get Dusty where it hurts...Alison. Later, Cheri meets Elwood and decides to use the young college geek to her advantage.

  • While Aaron protects Sofie from abusive boyfriend Cole, he also learns Sofie's pregnant. Meanwhile, Iris comes face to face with her "beautiful baby boy", Cole!

  • Craig continues to deny his involvement in Rosanna's accident to a very curious Meg.

  • Noah's dad comes to town and is thrilled when he learns Noah has a girlfriend in Maddie. Little does he know that there is a growing, suppressed bond between his son and Luke.

  • Vienna gets a job slingin' hash after Henry wins Al's Diner in a game of poker.

    Luke and Noah kiss, but later, Noah begs Luke to keep it a secret..especially from his father.

    Gwen and Will receive horrfiying news regarding their baby.

    Craig learns Rosanna has been taken from the hospital.

    Paul and Rosanna make travel arrangements to Oakdale.

    Alison becomes jealous of Sofie.

    Lily struggles to keep her marriage afloat.

    Carly gets closer to Jack as Katie leaves town.

    Dusty threatens Cheri and later finds himself memory-less and in the same room with her lifeless body.


    Sources are speculating that TPTB have a twist in mind regarding the Rosanna/Craig/Meg/Paul quadrangle. More specifically, word has it that Craig really had no part in Rosanna's accident.

    More rumors are swirling about Casey's imminent return to Oakdale, but no names or confirmed casting calls have been reported.

    Rumor has it that Cady and Roger re-signed with the show under a few conditions. They must work together and Cady must have a flexible schedule (in other words, come and go as she pleases). TPTB had no other options and finally caved.


    Rosanna is a completely different person than what she used to be. Look for the "new" Rosanna to be a much different person with different motives and goals in life.[/b]
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