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After a series of close moments over the past few weeks, ATWT's Noah can't deny his attraction to Luke any longer---and pulls him into a kiss. "Noah's running late for dinner with Maddie and his father, and Luke is helping him get dressed. There's a heated moment and one thing leads to another," explains Van Hansis (Luke). "Noah instigates it," confirms Jake Silbermann (Noah), who adds that the kiss "went very well. It came out of an unexpected moment, so I think that's why it really worked."

Unfortunately, Winston interrupts, but doesn't actually spy his son in a liplock with another boy. "It's cut short," says Silbermann, whose character is left so confused by his feelings that he tells Luke he was just messing with his head. He is also encouraged by Winston's approval of Maddie as a girlfriend, so he impulsively asks her to move in with him. "Noah, I think, still believes it's his choice to make. He's going to try to do what his father would want him to do."

But Luke knows better. "Luke, for the first time in all of his years, gets a clue," laughs Hansis. "He realizes what's going on---he is still very attracted to Noah, but frustrated. Luke feels really torn because he and Maddie are friends. It's not just about Noah not being honest with himself, but also the fact that he's lying to Maddie and they're planning this future together and Luke knows that it's a lie. He's trying to do whatever he can to get Noah not to make so many mistakes that involve so many people. He's trying to get Noah to be honest with himself, not so much because Luke wants a relationship with Noah---that's part of it---but Luke wants Noah to not end up hurting his best friend."

And though PASSIONS's Chad and his down-low lover, Vincent, are technically the first men on soaps to share a non-platonic kiss, ATWT is telling a traditional romance with the Luke/Noah story, complete with Maddie as the third point of the triangle. "Everyone asks, 'Is daytime ready?" Yes, if you're telling a story that's well-written and it's not just for shock value," says Hansis, who doesn't believe online theories that the tale was truncated. "It just wouldn't make sense for them not be on that track. I signed a contract only after Luke came out of the closet, so I think that shows that they had some sort of plan. Luke and Noah have known each other for four months or so, and things are only beginning to get to that place, which is pretty realistic."
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