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Watched Monday...

HATE HATE HATE Carly! I wish she would leave for a while... but that will never happen..

Now that the baby drama is out of the "Jason's Trial" storyline, I want that trial to be over. Because we all know Jason isn't going to be convicted, so why drag it out any longer?!

Sam/Lucky/Liz/Nikolas stuff was great! I am loving this! I simply ADORE how Lucky is treating Elizabeth! That bitch is getting EVERYTHING she deserves! I just wish we could get Becky Herbst interview soon to hear what she is thinking about her character now. I'm sure she wouldn't talk against Guza for doing this to Liz, but it would be nice.. LOL

I like this whole Kate thing. It's nice to get a reason to why she came to Port Charles. And I really like how Megan Ward is playing Kate, so I am really enjoying this.

And now... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why did Logan have to jump on Maxie?! UGH! Just when I was commending Guza how great Logan and Lulu love story is, he goes and does something awful like this! This is no nice love story. A lead man in a love story should not cheat!!! Lulu and Logan could have had a nice love story even without a third party. They could have built Logan and Lulu, have them spend time getting to know each other. Than the first obsticle could have been Logan's secret of what happened in Iraq. Once they would overcome that, Luke would come back and all hell would break loose!

But no.. now Lulu will have her heart broken again, she will swear off men forever...

I bet Lulu won't find out the truth until she sleep with Logan for the first time.

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