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Good to hear NBC wants to help although I don't buy it really. I know Sony wants to save it. Sony was pissed about the statement back in January so maybe they got pissed at NBC and NBC is trying to backtrack a bit. Who knows. Perhaps the new NBC head wants to try to help the show.

I am worried about the cast changes but whatever they have to do is fine. I just hope they choose wisely. I know it's probably likely some of the vets go to recurring but I hope not. However, better to see them at all then not at all. The show is in trouble and they need to keep those around that are active in stories and are the money characters at this juncture.

I still think they should fire Drake. He is bringing Marlena down and I feel tension in his scenes with everyone else since his comments. He adds nothing to the show anymore and it frees up Marlena. That alone would help the budget but that's JMO.

The upcoming stuff sounds good. More action in the Dimera story is always a good thing. Good seeing Benji back.
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