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Steve Frame
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If the show plans to keep Mascolo or Penghlis and all indications are that they do at least want to keep Penghlis, I see some big changes having to be made. And as much as McKay, Parker, and Rogers are paid I don't see that saving them enough money to balance the budget.

I think they will have to get rid of someone big. Plus now they are having to pay for Edward Scott and Hogan Sheffer and neither one of them came cheap - you can bet on that.

Definitely firing newbies like Henning or some of them won't do it either.

As Manny said this is the 4th or 5th plan in a year's time that we have had. First there was get rid of Reilly, Second bring on Sheffer and cut the budget by firing many, 3rd backburner the vets totally, 4th was to bring back the big 4 and the DiMeras, and now #5 Edward Scott and fire more people.

I find it strange that they fired all those people last year to balance the budget. Then they rehired all these people to save the show. It is hard to look at things optimistically when many of us wondered why some of our faves were fired and where in the world all the money came from. Corday and Hogan basically said well now we are doing what we want to do, and they were going to put the money into the show to save it.

Now we get this that says more people have to be fired.

Corday, NBC, Hogan, and Sony need to get their act together. All this backstage turmoil and stuff and constantly coming up with new plans is not helping fan confidence at all. And to me all the constant changing is seen onscreen too. As much as I don't think Hogan is living up to what he should be doing at Days, I can admit that all the changes going on has to influence it some. And even now with the back and forth on some thigns in the Brady/DiMera story reminds me of when JER was rewriting the SSK story. It seemed like JER was making it up as he went along, and that is the feeling I get sometimes now when I watch.

And now if it is someone big like Drake, Deidre, Patch or Kayla that has to go, he will have to write in their exits and change story again from what he had planned for this year.

When AW was doing all this years ago, one of the magazines (can't remember which one now) but said it was the longest transition ever in daytime or something to that affect. I think Days is trying rival it. Days has been in transition for way too long now. They need to get one plan, work on it for longer than 2 months before giving up and going to another plan.
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