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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Steve and Kayla continue to be great and the baby is soooooo CUTE. But that's about the only positive thing I have to say about this episode.

King you are so right about Jett. It doesn't make sense for him to be a hard ass to Max now when he helped roped Max into this in the first place. It's like either they had no idea where this story was going when they started or they changed direction midstream or Hogan simply failed to clue in the script writers so there could be any continuity from the beginning.

Stephanie getting sexually harassed... what a surprise from Hogan Sheffer... Once again a plot point centered around a women being victimized and featuring sexist behavior. So sick of this crap. BTW, who was flying the plane when Jeremy and Jett were both out of the cockpit dealing with the unruly passenger?

I can't believe the EJami/Lumi triangle is really the weak link of the show right now for me when that was all that kept me tuning in from Jan-April.

I don't know who the hell EJ is anymore. I loved EJ the dashing man of mystery last summer/fall, I loved EJ the slimy, but honest about being slimy witty villain of the winter/spring who was always one step ahead of everyone, I loved EJ as the remorseful Lancelot trying to do everything he could do to protect Sami even though she was married to someone else and it required him going against his family to protect her this summer but this... what the hell IS this? Dumb, desperate, deceitful EJ? I don't recognize him and I don't like this. If EJ's redemption wasn't real and there is no chance that Sami will fall for him, and to me that is how they are playing it now, then what a pointless waste of time their story this summer and Colleen-Santo has been for all viewers. It pissed off EJ/EJami haters for no reason, and EJ/EJami fans like me who got their hopes up are getting stabbed in the back AGAIN. And all for the sake of what? Propping Lucas Roberts? The jobless horny dork whose fans have to campaign for him to steal another character's story as a DiMera for him to actually be interesting? Sorry, Sheffer but if this is supposed to make me hate EJ and like Lucas by having EJ act like a desperate jerk it's not working. It just makes me hate THIS SHOW and rethink whether watching it is a good use of my time.

I also don't know who Sami is either. This isn't the misunderstood but totally self-interested calculating bitch I rooted for all these years. It's like she got redeemed and supposedly she's happy now, but she still has as much low self-esteem as always and is just as desperate in her desire for approval of others, it's just she doesn't scheme any more so she's just a pathetic weepy bore.

And Lucas? Am I supposed to care if he almost dies or he can't feel his legs and falls down because they apparently just fell asleep? Because I don't. I don't feel bad for him that another man is trying to steal his wife away. I don't root for him to get the girl because he's a total wimp who needs rescuing every five seconds. He isn't charming or smart or ambitious. Yet we don't get to see his flaws acknowledged either so I can't even root for him a little bit as an underdog. Because he's not an underdog as the story has been rigged for him to get the girl in every way possible.

EJ inviting Sami to stay with him was just stupid and what the hell is up with Kate suggesting she should go with him? What was the point of Kate confessing to Roman she was wrong about Sami and now believes Sami was raped if she is now suggesting Sami stay with EJ? And her feigned concern about her grandchildren is obnoxious too when we know that she almost got them killed with her Nick blackmailing stunt, which by the way she has STILL got no comeuppance for and that Lucas and Sami have apparently completely forgotten about as you'd think they wouldn't want Kate or EJ around them if they still thought they were responsible for that.

And what was up Roman's butt with the "no means no" crap? One day Roman is giving EJ a pep talk as he's the only one who can end the feud, then a couple weeks later he hates EJ for the rape and wants to kill him, then a few days later he is allowing his daughter to be a bargaining chip yet again and allowing EJ to spend alone time with her when he thinks it's necessary to help him catch Andre, now he's back to being suspicious of EJ and hating him? MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS, DOOL WRITERS. I'm sick of being jerked around.
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