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There are a lot of fans who do care, but Mike you are probably right. And Kev with Days I have come to expect the unexpected. Susan Seaforth Hayes was the Susan Lucci of daytime when Days let her go and put her on recurring. She and Bill Hayes were the face of daytime then too - even more than Susan Lucci's popularity at the time.

I know there are fans taht don't care for John & Marlena just like many fans didn't see that big of a deal about Doug & Julie, but in the long run them going is just another cut into the loyal fan base. John & Marlena still have a loyal following and I still think that the backburnering that started last year when they were given the 2 months off is part of what ended up putting a big dent in the base of fans.

I know that no one couple really controls the show these days, but any that the show loses right now is not going to help.

But for the show to survive it has to be done. But my biggest fear is what is going to be left of Days when they get through making the cuts. Are all we going to be left with is a shell of the show once we knew just like we have with GL?

GL still puts out some damn good shows but when you watch it the show is just almost unrecgonizable even with a few familiar faces. The older faces are all on recurring and just come and go at Wheeler's whim or Kreizman's. The people use the same sets over and over.

GL had some nice sets and lots of vets but nothing like the sets and vets that Days had. Can Days survive with out those familiar faces? How much of an influence will sets have if they continue to have to cut for the budget?

GL still has it's loyal fanbase that hangs in there and the ratings are within that range each week with little jumps every once in awhile. Is that what we will be left with for Days too?

GL just doesn't have the money (even though it has gotten a little better) to really make the show over to attract new viewers. I just hope when it is all over that Days will still be able too.

I will be anxious to see what the cuts are. If they do keep Dee and Drake, I see some other big hitters like Steve & Mary Beth going when their contracts are up. They have got to get rid of someone big I feel. With new faces in Shawn & Belle, I don't see it being them going.

I feel sure that Rogers and McKay will be fired/put on recurring (both mean the same). Aniston will stay there. And if they are trimming the cast others have got to go too. I would say Taylor will probably go too - at least to recurring.

If they have to make big changes and try to keep Hall, Hogestyn, Reckell & Alfonso and you know they will keep the middle weights like Sweeney and possibly Dattilo.

I see them seeing people like Rogers, McKay, Reynolds, Taylor, and Kaslow to especially be expendable. And it wouldn't surprise me that they see Nichols & Evans to be either.
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