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Monday: The wedding of Theresa and Ethan begins; Pilar hopes Theresa will tell Ethan the truth; Gwen and Rebecca struggle to free themselves from the washroom; Luis learns that Fancy is responsible for Pretty's scar; Esme's niece Viki arrives in Harmony.

Tuesday: Alistair is livid to learn that Little Ethan is not really a Crane; Vincent escapes from his jail cell with Alistair's aid; Pretty realizes how much Sheridan has changed; Sheridan is stunned to find Vincent at her door; Gwen prepares to tell Ethan.

Wednesday: Vincent brandishes a knife at Sheridan; Luis bursts into the room to try to save Sheridan; Ethan and Theresa begin their honeymoon; Theresa is unable to tell Ethan the truth; Fancy and Pretty are shocked to see Alistair alive; Alistair rejects Pretty

Thursday: Theresa fears that each interruption will be Gwen, trying to destroy her happiness; Rebecca gets a jolt from the past; Endora and Tabitha are shocked by Norma and Edna's actions; Fancy and Pretty struggle over a gun; Julian chases Vincent.

Friday: Ethan keeps Theresa from telling him the truth; Alistair keeps Gwen from bursting in on the newlyweds; Luis wants to talk to Fancy about what happened; Kay continues to work on her magic, with disastrous results; Miguel fears he is going crazy
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