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The Royal Princess

Again..from a birdie.

Monday: Kayla has Hope babysit Pocket, instead of Steve; the hotel manager leaves China Lee's children with Nick; Jeremy tells Max that Ilsa has agreed to help the girls who were sold into prostitution flee Las Vegas; Stephanie accuses Jeremy of cheating

Tuesday: Shawn tells Belle that he is going to help his grandparents with the pub; Chelsea suggests that Nick let the foster-care system deal with China Lee's children; Jeremy confides to Stephanie that he has been sneaking illegal aliens into the country

Wednesday: Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Doug and Julie gather to read a new batch of translated letters; Colleen and Santo nearly make love; Belle defends Philip to Shawn; Belle agrees to move into the pub if Shawn allows Philip to continue seeing Claire.

Thursday: Colleen hides just before Sister Mary Anne enters Santo's room; Tony tells E.J. that Stefano has been brought to the hospital; E.J. goes to his father to say goodbye; Lucas and Sami press Kate to see if her recent funds have come from Stefano.

Friday: Kate promises Stefano that she will meet Andre at the health club to get the folio; E.J. summons Stefano's children to the hospital; Nick learns that Chelsea is going to the beach with Jett; Nick demands to know why Chelsea will not sleep with him
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