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Steve Frame
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Rick, Isn't Judi Evans alreayd on recurring?

My predictions are at least a majority of the following will go:

Drake/Deidre - still believe they go hand in hand for Corday; he likes to send couples off together rather than write for them and anger fan bases

Evans - I see this story as their swan song Kev

Rogers, Taylor, & McKay to recurring

Parker fired

either both Kaslow & Pinson cut to recurring or sent to recurring

If Drake & Dee stay I see more of the middle pay vets going to bye bye land or recurring than I do if they leave.

I do think we will see less of Judi Evans, and probably Bill & Susan Hayes will go back to a lot less to do.

I dont' think Leann will be given a contract at this point.

I do think some of the newbies will go to like Kev said make it look like not all vets, but the vets are the bulk of the pay and that is what will needed to be cut to make the show more appealing when shopping it around. Plus as I said before they have got to get Scott and Sheffer's salaries somewhere.

I don't say all these will go but I think these are the ones they will see as vulnerable.

We know that Sweeney and Scott are not in danger, and I think REckell and Alfonso are safe, as is Frances Reid, but I think almost everyone else is vulnerable right now. Beemer, Madison, & Johnson have being newer themselves so their salaries are lower so I think that makes them safe too.

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