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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 15 2007, 07:33 PM
They should a serial killer storyline FOR REALLLLLLL!

Shawn Sr.

Let's do this! :lol:

I noticed on Jason's site that JKJ apparently only has a one-year deal that is up in Jan. so I suppose that is possible for Phillip. Too bad because Phillip is so much cooler than Shawn it's not even funny.

Here's my dream firings (god I'm such a bitch).

Shawn Sr. killed by Andre
Kate or Billie killed by Andre
Jett killed by Andre
Sami has affair with EJ and Lucas leaves town in disgrace
Max killed in Vegas plane crash caused by DiMeras and dies in Stephanie's arms
Shawn and Belle sail away with Claire on Fancy Face XIII

Is that freeing up enough money?

BTW, how have none of you mentioned the fact that Renee Jones could get fired again/sent to recurring? Did you just forget about her because she has no story (not that I blame you)?

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